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The McBride Lab at the University of Pennsylvania SEAS is a research group whose work explores the intersection between interfacial phenomena and environmental engineering. Our research integrates interfacial science, fluid physics, and soft matter physics across multiple length scales to develop engineered solutions for critical challenges in water, energy, and sustainability. Experiments involve designing and testing of engineered interfaces, operating microfluidic devices or other small-scale fluid flows, and constructing devices that take advantage of phenomena on the nano/microscopic length scales to manipulate macroscopic effects such as phase change or chemical kinetics. Experimental results are coupled with theory to augment understanding of molecular and nano/micro- scale transport and phase change phenomena. Applications include material design for sustainability, recovery of resources and energy from waste streams, environmental remediation, water purification, desalination, and other problems within the energy-water nexus.

We are always looking for new team members with a commitment to the environment and passion for research. Please check the "Join us" tab from the website menu to learn more about how to join the group!




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