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The McBride Lab is launching in January 2024 at the University of Pennsylvania within the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS). We are looking for students at all levels from undergraduate to PhD to postdoctoral fellows! Graduate applications to SEAS are typically due on December 1st, and you can find information about applying to the MEAM PhD program here.

Students with skill sets in environmental chemistry, interfacial engineering, nanofabrication, and fluid mechanics with backgrounds in environmental, chemical, or mechanical engineering may be well-matched to the group's research. However, more important than your background or existing skills is your commitment to sustainability research, your curiosity, your creativity, and your persistence when research inevitably goes wrong or progresses slowly.

We work hard to actively cultivate an environment that is collaborative, diverse, welcoming, and inclusive. All group members will be expected to uphold these ideals and contribute to a positive group culture, without exception.

Please feel free to reach out to Professor McBride to inquire about open positions and for information on applying to any of the programs at SEAS. If you are inquiring about PhD openings, please attach your CV and write a short description of your research interests. Transcripts, recommendation letters, and other attachments are not required. If you want to learn more about what I look for in PhD candidates, please click here.

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Specific Opportunities

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Application Resources

Regardless of whether you are applying to UPenn to work in my lab or applying to other positions, there are a few best practices that may be helpful to know. Here are some resources: 

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